Korean BBQ & Hot Pot A.Y.C.E.

Selected meats, fresh seafood, garden vegetables, fine wines and delicacies are ready for you at any time.

Premium Selected Beef

Different parts, different slices, different tastes.

Vegetables & Seafood

Enjoy seafood, high-quality protein, garden vegetables, healthy and delicious food.

Chicken & Pork

Secret marinade sauce, carefully selected high-quality ingredients.

Various choices, healthy and delicious

Korean BBQ + Asian hot pot, snacks, desserts, beer, red wine, cocktails, all new restaurants are newly built to give you the best dining experience.

Hot Pot

Vegetables, meat, seafood, many choices.


Premium Selected Beef

Selected Angus beef, steak, fat evenly distributed.


Korean BBQ

A variety of meats to choose from.


Appetizers & Snacks

Snacks and snacks are provided for children.



Beer, Sake, Wine, Cocktail...


Deli Bar

Choose from a variety of cooked food.


Quality BBQ

Unlimited selection of premium meats.


Japanese ice cream

Rich and creamy, delicious!


Brand new restaurant, everything is new.

A good dining environment gives you a better dining experience.

Authentic Korean BBQ

The best quality Korean barbecue, the most cost-effective option, you only need to pay the price of a plate of meat to enjoy unlimited deliciousness.

Hot Pot

A variety of choices, meat, vegetables, seafood, unlimited enjoyment!
7 different soup bases for you to choose from.

A variety of appetizers Ready for Eat.

Beer, sake, cocktails, red wine, drinks, give you a variety of choices.

The dining environment is good, suitable for family, friends, birthdays, and other gatherings.


Brand new restaurant! All you can eat is delicious! highly recommended!

Fresh! tasty! The decoration is also very good!

New Location in Texas

1704 George Bush Dr E,
College Station, TX 77840

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